by Rubenchito

Headline of a local newspaper article:

“Legacy funds and fat paychecks”


I ain’t even gonna stick that editorial, about our wonderful new Legacy Fund, inta Socrates cage, on account he’d laugh himself sick, an his vet bill is big enough already.

Editor what wrote if opines that “evaluation will determine whether there are ‘clear standards and effective processes in place’ to guard against fiscal mismanagement.” Criminy, I hope them evaluators is smarter than some uh the folks spending the money. That there Legacy Fund was sorta uh boondoggle t’ begin with. Was the former legislature’s idea uh duckin’ its responsibility on decidin’ how t’ spend money so’s they dressed up a tax for art and pretty damned subjective environmental spending as money for the huntin’ and fishin crowd, which they was pretty sure would get a pass when put t’ a vote.

Now we tax payers are saddled with a twenty-five year tax to pay for stuff like hiring “artists” t’ lecture a group uh “library patrons” (about ninety of um, I hear) for a little stipend of an ordinary guy’s yearly wages – actual amount was $45,000 dollars.

Seems like ya oughta get something for a years sweat besides hot air. But the editorial defended the speaker as a ”best-selling author, screenwriter and film director.” Heck, that might even describe somebody makin’ porno films, but I hasten to add that’s just my opinion. After all, art is in the eye uh the beholder. In defense uh the library folks what made the decision t’ hire that $45,000 speaker – I s’pose they get t’ behold so much art that their eyes get plum stuffed up; then, they can’t see much of anything. Good thing they didn’t lose their sense of smell … for them freebe tax dollars.