by Rubenchito

Headline of a local newspaper article:

“Voter ID-card bill clears House”


There sure as heck has been a lot of hoo-haw lately, about voter identification cards. The faction against um wants anyone off the street to walk inta a polling place an’ vote – no questions asked – makes no difference he’s wearin’ a sheik’s outfit an’ carryin’ uh Uzi. The Pro faction don’t want their vote watered down none – in their view – by a bunch uh in-e-legibles.

Think both camps oughta grow up an recognize there’s more‘n one point uh view on nearly any issue … especially politics. They could use me as uh egg-zample. Time was, when I though there could only be one answer t’ any question, I just wasn’t as tolerant as I am now. But experience’s mellowed me.

Nowadays I recognize there’s always at least uh couple points uh view; there’s mine, an’ then there’s all them other damn fools that’s wrong.